Phylogeny Poster

Phylogeny Poster

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This poster was created by Jacob Kalichman and is offered as a free download by him. It includes 256 commonly identified genera and 30 labeled clades (9 classes, 13 orders, and 8 suborders). The colors are arbitrary; the branching is an amalgamation from numerous sources. While it is intended to be up-to-date as of July 2020, Jacob cautions that it should not be considered authoritative.

A local printer can print and laminate the poster so that damp fungi will not damage the paper. If you print it 2 feet wide (the width of the most common folding tables) it will be 12 feet long, and fit on two six-foot tables end to end. One printer in Athens, Georgia quoted $100 to print and laminate.

Download here.

The poster was directly inspired by David Hibbett's older poster presented at https://hibbettlablog.wordpress.com/the-big-tree/ 


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