Field Data Slips

Field Data Slips

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Each notepad contains 50 slips that are individually numbered. 

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NOTE: FunDiS sequencing grant awards include field data slips. 

IMPORTANT: We are using iNaturalist and Mushroom Observer observation numbers for submitting specimens for sequencing or vouchering (they are in the observation url: for iNat, 8 digits; for MO, 6 digits). The field data slips are reminders of important information to photograph in the field, and to help you with organization before uploading observations and receiving your iNat or MO permanent observation number.


USING FIELD DATA SLIPS:  When participating in a foray or while out on a hike, simply take a picture of the slip with the specimen and store the slip with the sample. This allows the number on the slip to be associated with the specimen, simplifying organization when you are dealing with many specimens and images. Photographing the specimen with the slip also records the size of the specimen since each slip has rulers on two sides; this increases the scientific value of your collections. Take more photos of each specimen in the field without the slip, since the white paper tends to distort color balance.


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