Sequencing Submission - All Projects

* Date samples will be mailed:

* MO/iNat/MP Spreadsheet Upload:

* Project ID (4 digits - find yours here):

* Project Name:

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This form is used for both Paid Orders and Grant Orders. Paid Orders will already have paid at Paid Sequencing Services.

Once you have put your tissue in labeled tubes, fill out this item to prepare your shipment to the Sequencing Coordinator.

Review the Sequencing Submission Checklist before proceeding.

NOTE: When uploading your spreadsheet, filetype must be CSV and title must be letters or numbers with no spaces.

You will be notified by the Sequencing Coordinator when your sheet is accepted -- or if there are problems that need to be resolved. 


See separate instructions for vouchers: Send to a Fungarium/Herbarium.


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