FunDiS terminated general sequencing grants because we have spent our initial grant funds, and the operation is too expensive to run for paid sequencing alone. FunDiS will target limited funds on sequencing rare and threatened species, and those from threatened habitats, in line with our new commitment to fungal conservation.

New orders for grants and paid sequencing are no longer accepted. All specimens must be received by Nov. 30th. 

Fortunately, there are several commercial options for amateurs to get DNA barcoding done.

Original funds for sequencing grants were made in 2017 from the association of amateur clubs, North American Mycological Association ($20,000), and the association of academic mycologists, Mycological Society of America ($20,000). Neither body has earmarked more funds for sequencing by amateurs. If you know any funders who might want to see fungal conservation and community science flourish, please contact us!

We hope in the future to again offer grants and paid general sequencing for amateurs. New high-throughput sequencing technologies promise to bring down costs significantly in the next few years. And for some clubs and individuals DIY barcoding is an option.

We encourage project leaders to continue adding observations to registered projects – and add them to the FunDiS Diversity Database project. Documenting phenology is an important goal in a time of climate change.

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