Marasmius plicatulus

FUNDIS Local Projects

FUNDIS Local Projects are a dispersed network of fungal field work happening across North America. Many Projects are led by community scientists, but some are led by academics and conservationists. Anybody can join or start a FUNDIS Local Project.

About Local Projects:

  • FUNDIS Local Projects are community groups who survey an adopted area for fungi throughout the year. It could be a whole state or maybe a local park.

  • Each FUNDIS Local Project has an associated iNaturalist or MushroomObserver Project to which their observations are posted and open source.

  • Many Project Leaders welcome new members to help with collecting, photographing, and identifying fungi. 

  • Participating in a project will give you more experience about fungal field work, drying collections, and preparing them for DNA sequencing.

  • You will also meet some new mushroom friends, explore new collecting areas, and learn while you contribute.

  • We provide our FUNDIS Local Projects with periodic DNA sequencing grants to get their specimens sequenced and assist fungal biodiversity and distribution discovery.

How to start or join a FUNDIS Local Project:

  1. To see if there is a project near you check the map of FUNDIS Local Projects or you can check the List of registered FUNDIS projects. On the list, check the Column G “Join?,” to see if a nearby project leader is willing to be contacted. 

  2. If so, note the Project ID and Name and email register@fundis.org to request the leader’s contact info. 

  3. Contact the project leader, describe your interests, experience, location and availability, and learn what assistance they are seeking.


DNA Sequencing Grants Reopen for FUNDIS Local Projects

Big news! FUNDIS is opening up DNA sequencing again for FUNDIS Local Projects thanks to a partnership with Stephen Russell and his company Mycota. All of our FUNDIS Local Projects will be eligible to send Stephen specimens for DNA sequencing. Our FUNDIS Volunteer Sequence Validation Committee will then analyze the results and determine the species.

Learn How to Submit Specimens

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