Choose a Platform

Entoloma cuboideum

For this project, we ask you to select one of two platforms to upload your photos and other data:
iNaturalist (aka iNat) or Mushroom Observer (aka MO). Both platforms allow you to document the fungi you have found and share them with FunDiS and mycophiles (mushroom lovers) worldwide. We encourage you to try out both platforms and see which one you are most comfortable working with. Each has areas where they excel, and areas that could use improvements. Both are free to use. (See notes on other platforms below.)

Post on iNaturalist


    • Has a mobile app with Artificial Intelligence for both iPhones and Androids
    • Uploading photos is easier on iNat
    • Better for group projects and forays because of mobile app


    • Data quality and verification is more limited (fewer experts monitoring)
    • Maximum image size is limited
    • Difficult to export data for sequencing or fungaria submission


Post on Mushroom Observer


    • Has a larger community of active expert identifiers
    • Can upload higher resolution images, and more photos
    • Advanced features specific to mycology


    • No mobile app
    • Bulk uploading is not straightforward


Other Posting Platforms

FunDiS cannot utilize observations posted to social media platforms because they are not databased, meaning they are not searchable and exportable the way iNat and MO observations are.

Facebook, Instagram, Flickr

    • These sites are widely used by mycophiles and are great for social communication.
    •  Facebook, in particular, has groups for all levels and interests and groups of fungi. And some groups are quite useful for getting expert identification of your photos.
      • Experienced mycophiles post first on iNat or MO for the permanent record, then post to the social sites for social interaction, with a link to the original observation and permanent record.



    • MyCoPortal is a site that accumulates records from curated fungaia around North America. In fact, FunDiS observations will be posted to MyCoPortal after vouchers have been accessioned by fungaria. MyCoPortal does not have community feedback like iNat and MO, and FunDiS is not set up to track sequencing of observations posted first to MyCoPortal. 

About Fungal Diversity Survey

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