August 22, 2021
Mushroom Hour Podcast
FunDiS: Championing fungal conservation, together
Featuring featuring Bill Sheehan & Gabriela D'Elia
Mushroom Hour podcast [1hr 17min]

August 14, 2021
Fungal Conservation: What you and your club can
A presentation to NAMA Colorado Foray by Sigrid Jakob

May 2021
FunDiS & Fungal conservation 

Two talks by Greg Mueller, IUCN Fungal Conservation Cmtee chair
NatureServe BWB [19 min]    NY Mycological Society  [82 min]

April 22, 2021
FunDiS: Championing fungal conservation, together

Presentation to NAMA by Bill Sheehan & Sigrid Jakob
Youtube [47 min]    Slides only

About Fungal Diversity Survey

FunDiS is dedicated to a world in which the fungal kingdom is fully documented, understood, appreciated and protected.