Giuliana Furci: Justice for Fungi Through the 3 Fs

You’ve likely used the terms “Flora” and “Fauna”, but how about “Funga”? Giuliana Furci, the founder of Fundación Fungi (Fungi Foundation -- the first NGO for fungi of the world) is trailblazing justice for fungi by revitalizing our very perception of them, through changing language and worldwide school curricula.

Marasmiellus candidus found in Bridle Trails State Park. Photo: Daniel Winkler.

I met Daniel Winkler’s welcoming and witty character at my first Puget Sound Mycological Society’s (PSMS) all-member monthly meeting. He probably said a friendly hello on my way in and then made an announcement or two before the speaker’s presentation. Six years later he continues to be one of the most inspiring and affable mycologists for his aptitude in bringing the wisdom and culture of the fungi with him wherever he goes.

Hebeloma of North America

When we first started visiting North America many people we met told us that Hebeloma were rare in North America.  And when we researched foray reports we found very few records of Hebeloma, and those that were mentioned were usually Hebeloma crustuliniforme or Hebeloma sinapizans

Creating art from nature

Art has been a large part of my life as far back as childhood. I remember walking my suburban streets looking for odd bits of broken toys and bottle caps to glue together and bring home as “presents” for my family. 

A citizen scientist’s journey: the second year

As a keen citizen scientist I try to strike a balance between going out into the field, finding interesting mushrooms to sequence, and doing the work to document and preserve my finds for the fungaria. It means always doing more than what is strictly necessary and constantly adding new tools to my process. 


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