Creating art from nature

Art has been a large part of my life as far back as childhood. I remember walking my suburban streets looking for odd bits of broken toys and bottle caps to glue together and bring home as “presents” for my family. 

A citizen scientist’s journey: the second year

As a keen citizen scientist I try to strike a balance between going out into the field, finding interesting mushrooms to sequence, and doing the work to document and preserve my finds for the fungaria. It means always doing more than what is strictly necessary and constantly adding new tools to my process. 

Fantastic Funga: Why Language Matters

The vocabulary of mycology is one that reveals the way in which fungi have been traditionally treated in classification. Under old systems in which two kingdoms were recognized, plants and animals, fungi were assigned to the plants. The idea of fungi as plants is propagated in various ways. For example, we traditionally refer to the collection of fungi in a museum as an herbarium, when indeed they are not herbs.


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