Citizen Science is a Safe Way to Weather the Pandemic


Have the calls for social distancing in response to COVID-19 left you with cabin fever? Got squirrely kids? Here’s an activity that is timely, safe and fun. The goal is to see how many species of plants, animals and fungi you and your neighbors can record in your neighborhood.

Is it a new species or variety?

With Contributions from:  Steve Ness, Eric Chandler, Renée Lebeuf, Jacques Landry, and Andrus Voitk

This Blog is based on 14 months of email discussions following the discovery in Washington State of a new North American record for a species tentatively identified as the European Hygrocybe phaeococcinea discovered by Jen Chandler and pursued by Eric Chandler and Steve Ness (members of the Puget Sound Hygrophoraceae Project) of the North American Mycoflora Project (NAMP).


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