The Ranger Creek 'Shroom Monster

Ranger Creek. An experience to remember...



Whilst MycoBlitzing the Flora and Funga at the Ranger Creek Campground area, here in WA state, my wife (Jen) and I stumbled across the most awful, ugly, scary, and disgusting creature we have ever seen... 'twas the 'Shroom Monster.


I was down on my knees, taking pictures of a specimen I was about to abscond with for the Blitz when I heard this low growl behind me.


At first I thought it might be a bear, maybe a cougar, or even a racoon, ohhhh! mayhaps a S'quatch?


I stopped breathing and listened ever-so carefully.................... 




Now I really started to worry, and I must admit, was getting a bit scared.  However, I scrunched up enough courage to sllloooowlllyyyyy turn around.


To my horror... here was this brown, snaggle-toothed "thing" with short dragon-like wings... barely fluttering, as it looked at me.


It's skin was reptilian, and its eyes -- oh, its EYES!!!!  Hooded. Evil. So evil.


And... the smiling... quivering-ing lips, dusted with spores.


Behind it were a host of 'shrooms it had captured... all of which were trembling-ing in their substrate and mycelia.


This scene of absolute horror. Again... I could not breath.




I took out my Samsung 10e Smartphone, took a picture, and captured that little monster forever!


(April Fool's!)

Eric & Jen  Chandler
Author: Eric & Jen Chandler
Eric belongs to the South Sound Mushroom Club from Olympia, WA, but lives in Lakewood. He and his wife (Jen) are retired and have searched for 'Shrooms for 10+ years... mostly edible and easily identifiable ones. We now search for all fungi, and enjoy the "hunt" & research it takes to get a good ID.

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# Ellen King Rice 2021-04-01 16:53
Makes my (April) Day. Wonderful! Stay safe out there! EK Rice


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