FunDiS Northeast Rare Fungi Challenge

The NE Rare Fungi Challenge has compiled a list of 20 species of fungi thought to be threatened or rare.

FunDiS Northeast Rare Fungi Challenge Species
Amanita ristichii
Boletus purpureorubellus
Butyroboletus billieae
Calliderma (Entoloma) indigofera
Caloboletus peckii
Clavulinopsis appalachiensis
Dendrocollybia racemosa
Echinodontium ballouii
Entoloma flavoviride
Helvella palustris
Hodophilus (=Camarophyllopsis) peckiana
Hypocreopsis rhododendri
Psathyrella epimyces
Pseudofistulina radicata
Squamanita umbonata
Tricholoma apium
Tricholoma grave
Underwoodia columnaris
Volvariella surrecta
Wynnea sparassoides


iNaturalist List (observations from FunDiS challenge)    iNaturalist Journal
Mushroom Observer List (observations from all time)

Participating is easy:

  1. If you think you’ve found one of the Rare 20, the first thing to do is to record your observation. You can either upload your observation on iNaturalist  or Mushroom Observer. We are also very interested in other fungi you might find in these habitats. Learn how to collect and document your specimens here.
  2. Please get a collecting permit if you’re thinking of visiting an area where collecting is restricted. More information can be found here.

More information coming soon!

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