Calocera cornea

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With iNaturalist (iNat) you have two options for creating observations: using the iNaturalist mobile app, or on the website:


Add your observations to the FunDiS iNat Diversity Database

  • Join the Diversity Database on iNat called FunDiS - Fungal Diversity Survey. Now, with each new observation you create there will be an option of Add to Project (it's slightly different on a mobile app or web). Find and add.
  • Add high quality observations that meet our minimum quality standards(below).
  • If your observation has not yet been identified FunDiS identifiers will ID it, or make other suggestions on how to improve the observation.

  • For bulk adding quality observations, click here.


FunDiS minimum quality standards checklist

  • Observations should be of mushrooms large enough to be seen without a microscope, that have been observed in North America (everything north of the Panama Canal). No lichens or slime molds please.
  • Images need to be clear, well-lit, in focus, and the mushroom needs to be relatively large in the picture so its details can be seen clearly
  • Please no old or heavily damaged specimens.
  • We want to see the cap, the pore/gill surface, the stem including the base, bulb or volva (if applicable). Any staining, discoloration or milk/latex should also be shown.
  • Unless its size is clear, add a ruler or a common item (eg knife, pen or your hand) for scale 
  • There should be a clue to the host or substrate, eg if it grows under a specific tree, show the leaf or needles of that tree next to the mushroom, or take a separate picture.
  • Anything else that's noteworthy (eg smell, taste) should be added in the Notes section

You could take several pictures of one specimen, or you put a couple of fungi in the same shot where we see different parts of the specimens.

See advanced photography tips here.

(A similar program is planned for Mushroom Observer)

About Fungal Diversity Survey

FunDiS is dedicated to a world in which the fungal kingdom is fully documented, understood, appreciated and protected.