Calocera cornea

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  • Now, with each new observation you create there will be an option of Add to Project (it's slightly different on a mobile app or web). Find and add.
  • Add high quality observations that meet our minimum quality standards(below).
  • If your observation has not yet been identified FunDiS identifiers will ID it, or make other suggestions on how to improve the observation.

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FUNDIS minimum quality standards checklist

  • Observations should be of mushrooms large enough to be seen without a microscope, that have been observed in North America (everything north of the Panama Canal). No lichens or slime molds please.
  • Images need to be clear, well-lit, in focus, and the mushroom needs to be relatively large in the picture so its details can be seen clearly
  • Please no old or heavily damaged specimens.
  • We want to see the cap, the pore/gill surface, the stem including the base, bulb or volva (if applicable). Any staining, discoloration or milk/latex should also be shown.
  • Unless its size is clear, add a ruler or a common item (eg knife, pen or your hand) for scale 
  • There should be a clue to the host or substrate, eg if it grows under a specific tree, show the leaf or needles of that tree next to the mushroom, or take a separate picture.
  • Anything else that's noteworthy (eg smell, taste) should be added in the Notes section

You could take several pictures of one specimen, or you put a couple of fungi in the same shot where we see different parts of the specimens.

How to Photograph a Mushroom (1 min; by Sigrid jakob)

See more photography and collection tips here.

Questions? inat-admin@fundis.org

(A similar program is planned for Mushroom Observer)

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