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Coccomyces castanopsidis
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    • Sign up for a free account.
      • Many people use their full name, but you may also use any handle you choose.
    • Under the preferences menu for your account
      • Collector's Name, Substrate, Habitat, Host
      • Add several pre-set fields to your observation reporting form using the Notes Template by listing each of these fields separated by a comma. Please fill out these fields for each observation whenever possible. 
      • Edit your "Observation Notes Template" to read:
      • Check yes to the Comment and Consensus emails (suggested: the first two for each) so you receive emails when your observations get ID’s and comments.

Create an observation

  • When you are ready to create an observation on MO, click Create Observation on the left-hand menu.
  • Date: When observation was made, not your entry date.
  • Where: Enter a place, like a park, or at least a county/province, OR enter the latitude and longitude for this observation from your camera/phone/GPS, 
  • Check the box before “Is this the location where it was collected?”
  • What: Enter your best guess at genus or genus and species, or a higher level taxonomic level using the menu which appears as you begin typing. Otherwise enter “Fungus.”
  • Confidence: Unless you are certain, it is a good idea to enter No Opinion or Could Be. Below that, indicate how you made your determination (optional).
  • Notes: Enter any notes that are not captured elsewhere. If you created an Observation Notes Template earlier, those fields will make entering your data easy. 
  • Upload Images from your camera or desktop. Select which of these will be the main featured image by checking the checkbox to the left of any image.

For more details see a more detailed version of this page.

Need help? Email mo-admin@fundis.org.

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