iNaturalist Protocols for the Mycoblitz

For this event, we ask that you create your observations on iNaturalist within the following project:

Continental Mycoblitz 2019

Begin by downloading the iNaturalist mobile application on your cell phone


Learn how to make observations in the mobile app utilizing this guide.
If you do not have a mobile device, you can participate by utilizing the web interface to report your observations.

When adding a new observation to the project, you should see the following fields:

Voucher Specimen Taken:
Select "Yes" if you are saving a specimen, "No" if not.

Voucher Number(s): If a specimen is saved, add the unique number from the field data slip. No need to include the "CB2019-" prefix.

Collector's Name: Include the name of the individual who collected the specimen. No need to fill this out if the iNaturalist account holder is the collector and the account holder has included their real name in the Account Settings -> Name field in the user's profile.

Substrate - Fungi: Select an option from the dropdown.

Habitat - Fungi: Include ecological information about the collection location.

Host: The tree/plant/insect species the fungus was associated with. 

It is not necessary to fill out all of these fields for every observation you make. We would ask that you fill out as many of these fields as possible for observations of the ten specimens you are submitting to this project. They should also be filled out on the field data slip that is submitted with the specimen.

Locating your iNaturalist ID Number

This is the number found at the end of the URL for the observation. Example: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/25781255. Please include this number on the field data slip for each specimen you are submitting to the project.

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