Mycological Society of America - Annual Meeting 2020

Posters including results of NAMP citizen science projects
presented at the 2020 Virtual MSA Conference.

Citizen Science Project Contributions to Professional Mycology
D Jean Lodge, Bill Sheehan, Bitty A. Roy

Monetary Value of Citizen Science: The 2019 Mycoblitz  (pdf)
Bitty A Roy, Eric Chandler, D Jean Lodge

Citizen Science for Fungi: Evolution of the North American Mycoflora Project  (pdf)
Bill Sheehan, Joanne Schwartz

Citizen Science Discoveries within Hygrophoraceae  (pdf)
Lauren Ré, Luca Hickey, Steve Ness

Recent Projects Show the Utility of Molecular Data and Community Science in Understanding Hawaiian Macrofungal Diversity  (pdf)
Jeffery Stallman, Amy Durham, Don Hemmes, Nicole Hynson, Benjamin Lillebridge, Jared Nishimoto, Michael Shintaku, Jolene Sutton

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